Musical instruments of the Chiquitano people

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    The Chiquitano are an indigenous people native to the eastern Bolivian lowlands, with a population ranging between 40,000 and 60,000 persons (making them the third largest demographic group in the country). They are settled in the provinces of Ñuflo de Chaves, Velasco, Sandoval, Germán Busch, Ichilo and Chiquitos (Santa Cruz department) and Iténez (Beni department), as well as in three municipalities in the bordering state of Mato Grosso (Brazil), where they work in agriculture and local haciendas. They speak the Bésiro language (the fourth most spoken language in Bolivia) and keep alive an important part of their identity as a native group.

Musical instruments of the Chiquitano people is a brief guide to the flutes and drums of a society native to the Bolivian lowlands: the Chiquitano. Known for being the heirs of the Jesuits' Baroque musical tradition, they also maintain a music of their own, still performed by small ensembles in each village.

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